Vera Parlac

photoVera Parlac is a registered architect in Pennsylvania, U.S. and an assistant professor at the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. She received a diploma engineer in architecture degree from University of Belgrade and master’s degree in design from UCLA. Vera Parlac is one of the founding co-directors of the Laboratory for Integrative Design (LID), a design research laboratory where design is engaged as a broadly integrative endeavor by fluidly navigating across different disciplinary territories. Vera’s current design and research is focused on responsive material systems and informed by contemporary models in biology, material science research, and mechatronic systems. Prior to her appointment in Calgary, she taught design and other subjects at several universities in North America, most recently at Temple University, and in Asia, in Hong Kong. Vera has worked in architectural firms in Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles including Carlos Zapata Design Studio and Kieran Timberlake Associates.