Carol Moukheiber

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carol_moukheiber_smCarol Moukheiber is an Assistant Professor at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto and Partner in the architecture practice Studio NMinusOne (n-1). She is the Founder and co-Director of RAD, Responsive Architecture at Daniels which is probing the impact of emerging technologies on the physical environment. Her work with NMinusOne, the built and conceptual projects, along with the physical prototypes have served as experiments for a flirtatious architecture that plays an active/subjective role — where all matter is recognized as vital, dynamic and expressive in shaping the perceptual experience of the inhabitant. With the incorporation of computational power into building matter, the animation of architecture is motivated further by issues of physical, psychological, and environmental wellness and delight. The firm’s work has been acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and has been published widely in academic and mainstream media including The New York Times Magazine, Praxis Journal of Architecture and Domus. The studio is the recipient of the Architectural League of New York, Emerging Voices 2012 award. She is the co-author of The Living, Breathing, Thinking Responsive Buildings of the Future and co-editor of Wild Wild Urbanism, Redesigning California.

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