Michelle Addington

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Michelle_Addington_webMichelle Addington is a Hines Professor of Sustainable Architectural Design. Prior to teaching at Yale, Ms. Addington taught at Harvard University for ten years and before that at Temple University and Philadelphia University. Her background includes work at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, where she developed structural data for composite materials and designed components for unmanned spacecraft. Ms. Addington then spent a decade as a process design and power plant engineer as well as a manufacturing supervisor at DuPont, and after studying architecture, she was an architectural associate at a firm based in Philadelphia. She researches discrete systems and technology transfer, and she serves as an adviser on energy and sustainability for many organizations, including the Department of Energy and the AIA. Her chapters and articles on energy, environmental systems, lighting, and materials have appeared in many books and journals, and she recently coauthored Smart Materials and Technologies for the Architecture and Design Professions. She received a B.S.M.E. from Tulane University, a B.Arch. from Temple University, and an M.Des.S. and a D.Des. from Harvard University.